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Hello Janis Snyder!

Creativity and expression are the peanut butter and jelly of Janis’s life. She moved to San Francisco in her formative years and began an artistic path. Her resume is stacked with a decades-long journey of artistic pursuits: graphic design, interior and costume design, fine art mural painting, and acting!

Janis fondly remembers shopping for vintage clothing at the Pasadena Rose Bowl as a teenager (you know, just a few years ago!) She was inspired by the design details, construction methods, and cultural aspects of the vintage clothing, spanning nearly a century. It excited her to seek ways to incorporate those pieces into a modern wardrobe.

Janis eventually dreamed of creating a space where her passions could converge, where she could share her love for vintage and modern styles and artistic pursuits with a like-minded community. Janis is proud and honored to own Bella Vita Sonoma boutique.

Our second in command

Amanda... Come on down

When Amanda walked into BVS for the first time, the clouds parted, birds sang, and Janis knew she had just hired her clothing soul mate! The vision Janis and Amanda share is truly the secret sauce to Bella Vita Sonoma's success. Amanda has been passionate about clothing design and history her entire life.

Amanda is especially passionate about styling to create a mood, or to help a client look and feel her best.

"Fashion is art to me — it begins with a vision, an idea in someone's mind, and is then turned into something tangible-it's wearable art."

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